Friday, September 01, 2006

Naps or bathrooms?

Which ones do I like more? I'm looking forward to the nap I have planned this afternoon. But I also like visiting bathrooms, especially in classy establishments with shiny faucets and perfumed soap. I don't like interrupted naps. And I don't like stinky bathrooms. Goodness knows I've done my water business in some questionable facilities around the world. One can live without naps, but one really needs a bathroom. Or at least a hole in the ground. That excrement has to go somewhere.

Why don't I throw smiling babies into my comparison? They make me happy, too. I love trying out my funny faces on the under-2 crowd I encounter on the mean streets of LA.

The world could live without naps. Most of the international population lives with indoor plumbing or even an outhouse. But without babies, there would be no more people. So babies win. Yay babies! But only the smiling ones. Unhappy babies are so not cool.

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