Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Moving on

Since the moment I graduated from college and became an official grown-up, it has gotten harder and harder to both make new friends and to keep the old ones. I'm a congenial person, albeit a quirky one. But outside the bubble of shared classes, dining tables and residence halls, it's difficult to find people who share your interests and want to socialize with you on a regular basis. The even bigger challenge is maintaining those elusive relationships once you find them.

One of my best friends in the whole world is moving away from me. Again. She found a new job in a new place that is closer to her family. I'm going to miss her a lot.

She holds the special position both as the friend that I have fought with the most, and as the only friend who tells me, "I love you."

She was the friend that held my hand the time a huge, infected bump appeared out of nowhere on my forehead and an emergency room doctor had to slice it open. That was a very scary time.

She thinks I have magical powers, including the ability to answer numerous questions that philosophy experts still haven't figured out. Despite my explanations of how hard the GMAT is, she told me she knows I'll get into business school because I'm "smart." She also insisted that I cut her hair last weekend, even though I have absolutely no training whatsoever, professional or otherwise. I was so afraid we would be reenacting that "Dye! Dye! My Darling" episode of Daria (which actually wasn't about Daria destroying Jane's hair as much as it was about Daria stealing Jane's boyfriend...). Anyway, my friend had no doubt that I would style her hair in the way she requested, despite my complete lack of experience. (Plus, she doesn't have a boyfriend, and I highly doubt I'd try to steal him if she did. Different strokes and all.)

Strangely enough, she always seems satisfied with my answers, and she was pleased with her hair. She consistently has the confidence in me that I often forget to have in myself.

I've seen her grow so much in the past year, dealing with the obstacles placed in her path, and trying to rise above them with insight and maturity. I'm very proud of her, and I hope she finds the happiness that she deserves in her new home.


citygirl said...

Mi FI-ance and me were talking about this Monday night. We're both kinda quiet and not very good at socializing anyway, and we often bemoan the fact that it's hard for us to get, make and keep friends. He currently has no hanging buddies, and if it weren't for the cool ladies I work with I'd have no close friends nearby either.

It sucks buckets, but at least now I now me and the FI-ance aren't alone.

Bianca Reagan said...

Thanks for the comment, citygirl!

That post about the chocolate on your cohabitator's bum is pretty sad. I could deal with stuff from that from my nonexistent future kids. But that kind of behavior is not acceptable from a grown-up living with me. Good thing he has those roach and spider skills. And the ability to fix a couch. Pretty cool :) Where did you find such a lovable scamp? Can I order my own FI-ance from Ikea?