Tuesday, August 07, 2007

We Got to Do Better

In news that I wish weren't true: Court rejects 'Sally Hemings' name for horse, AP.

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that a filly can't be named "Sally Hemings" after Thomas Jefferson's most famous slave and reputed lover...

..."If he really wants to race or breed this horse in Kentucky, [horse owner Garrett Redmond] will have to come up with a name that complies with the Jockey Club's rules," [Judge Alice Batchelder] wrote. "A quick look at the Jockey Club's Registry confirms that 'Horse With No Name' is no longer available."

Editor's note: I couldn't find a screenshot of Tracy Morgan dressed up in his costume from the movie Jefferson on 30 Rock. So please enjoy the picture of him as Uncle Jemima from SNL.

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