Friday, September 05, 2008

What's wrong with this show?

No, the answer is not "It's on ABC Family."

I could list the reasons why it took me less than 10 seconds to roll my eyes at this "Special Event". But I won't. Instead, I would like to hear from you readers. What strikes you about this commercial?

I'll get you all started:

  1. The star is Jamie Chung, best known as one of the few castmates from The Real World: San Diego who did not get arrested on camera during their season.

Update, 9/21/2008. Angry Asian Man explains the racism of the show in his Racialicious article, Samurai Girl premieres. I'll explain the sexism with this rhetorical question: Isn't it convenient that the eponymous Samurai Girl has to learn martial arts from a white American man who calls her "ten different kinds of stupid" before asserting his authority over her, and then they magically fall in love? Because I know when a guy insult me and then tells me what to do in a condescending manner, I Can Hear The Bells.

Also, "I thought you were the dead chick from The Grudge"? Really?


Stephanie said...

Well I'm taping it because I read the book series which I liked. I am annoyed that the character Hiro is now a white boy named Jake played by Roswell's Michael. And it supposed to take place in LA and that doesn't look like LA.

But it's a really popular book series and it's also a mini series just like what they did w/ Fallen (which was also a book series). So I guess I don't get why you are rolling your eyes? Is it cause she's a Samurai?

Stephanie said...

Actually I think we were on the same page. I just knew he was supposed to be Japanese and was already irritated.

You pointed out that it was the girl from the real world so that's why the post confused me? I didn't think she was that terrible.

Spoiler alert - They don't really end up together. It's left kind of open. She has two possible options.

I would've preferred they cast Jack Yang who played her brother as the Sensei Trainer guy. (In the book him ordering her around makes more sense and he's less of a dickhead cause the whole sensei thing is explained more).