Monday, September 07, 2009

John Cho in suits!

The Cho Show, by Katherine Wheelock, GQ via Racialicious.

When John Cho was a kid growing up in Los Angeles, seeing a face like his on TV was a cometlike occurrence. When one appeared, "we'd all crowd into the living room," Cho says. "All Asians grew up doing that." The situation has improved only somewhat in the two decades since Long Duk Dong, Cho says. "There was a while where every role I was getting offered was extremely noble—like the judge or the kindly nurse."

Lucky for us, Cho is doing some actual heavy lifting in Hollywood these days—leveling Romulans alongside Chris Pine in Star Trek ($250 million) and rolling blunts for a possible third Harold & Kumar film. His fan base of geeks and frat boys [and me!] ought to program their TiVos for Cho's latest endeavor, FlashForward, which ABC is promoting like it's the next Lost (no pressure!). Judging from the first episode, we think this one might actually deliver. [ . . . ]

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Chrissy said...

He is one of the many reasons why I am going to watch FlashForward!