Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Prominent black lady news.


I don't struggle with puzzles, except for why there aren't more colorful people on my television.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

"The leaves are changing colors,"

"but the TV stars are staying white. And male."

How does he do it all?!

"The mummies are from Egypt, which is in Africa. Which makes them African American. But they will be played by white Canadians."


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bianca Reagan: Where the Action Is! Now available!

BIANCA REAGAN: WHERE THE ACTION IS, the sequel to STEVE THE PENGUIN, has been published! It's now available in paperback on Amazon.

For autographed copies, please send requests to mrjmedia [at] gmail [dot] com.

The eBook format is coming soon. More details to come.

I'm so excited and proud! Hooray!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"We were kings and queens in Africa!"

"How could you allow yourself to be a slave?"


Also, hee hee! Jokes.

"I got marbles sharper than this man."



I'd watch this as a web series.

via Interview: Writer/Producer Lena Waithe Talks New Series 'Twenties' + Watch Pilot Presentation, by Masha Dowell, Shadow and Act.

Shadow and Act: What is a pilot presentation? Why did you opt for this route? 

LW: A lot of networks read the script and loved it, but they either thought there wasn’t an audience for it or that it already existed. Of course I became extremely frustrated because I knew neither of those things were true. So I realized I had to show these network executives that TWENTIES was one of a kind and that there was nothing on TV like it. And I figured the best way to do that was to shoot a pilot presentation, which meant we would shoot a few pivotal scenes from the script, edit them together, and give people a sense of how the show would look and feel. Lucky for me, Justin Simien (writer/director DEAR WHITE PEOPLE) offered to direct it and Flavor Unit was willing to pay for it. Now I had the opportunity to show people what I was going for instead of trying to explain it to them. My plan wasn’t just to show it to executives, but to show it to the world so that the people could have a voice in this as well. And just so we’re clear: this is not a web series! I repeat this is not a web series. Not that there’s anything wrong with doing a web series. I’ve done one. My goal is to partner with a network that understands what I’m going for.


Shadow and Act: What do you want us to do after we’ve watched it?
LW: The good news is I don’t want your money. There’s no Kickstarter or IndieGoGo attached to this project. All we want you to do is commit to sharing TWENTIES with twenty of your friends. The more you spread the word the better chance we have of getting it on TV. We’ll keep pitching. You keep sharing. Let’s do this!

I don't know if there is a network that is going to understand and agree with what Lena is going for. There's a reason there aren't many scripted shows from the US with a lead character that is

  1. an L, G, B, or T person
  2. a black woman
  3. a lesbian woman
  4. a person talking to multiple black people
  5. a black lesbian woman talking to a bunch of other black people

As Lena pointed out, the networks "thought there wasn’t an audience for it or that it already existed", even though "neither of those things were true." If I had a project as amazing as TWENTIES, and networks passed on it, I wouldn't try to prove anything to them. It's 2013. I would produce, distribute, and promote TWENTIES myself, online, as a web series. I would have more control over the show, avoiding interference from well-meaning, but misguided network notes. Also, people would actually be able to see it. The series wouldn't be stuck in development for years, with the risk of never making it to air.

For me, it would be a waste of time trying to sell a product to someone who has no interest in buying it. There just aren't enough network executives who both see the value in and are willing to take a chance on airing a show about the honest story of a black woman, much less one who is articulate and queer. Instead of emphasizing the fact that "This is NOT a web series", why not embrace the new medium and create a successful web series (while we're waiting on Dear White People)? This would allow a fan base to grow around TWENTIES, and make the sale of the project even more profitable (and likely).

I have opinions!


Monday, September 09, 2013

You're on notice, Kal Penn.

You're still on notice, buddy. But I do think Indians are cool. Especially that one up there. :)


Saturday, September 07, 2013

"I don't understand. How do you have a show?"

found via Slate

"Now, why don't you just go to Massachusetts and go to school? ... You could, um, ride a horse?"


Thank you, Lizzie Mae/Azie! The second installment adds to the enlightenment:

"Who does not like bacon?"

Let's ask that nice white man some more questions about slavery!