Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This was my MBA experience!

Except for me it wasn't law school, it was business school. And we only had four black people in my class of 200 students.

"I feel like an outsider constantly. And I don't feel like at my own school, I can solely focus on being a student."

"Being in class as the only black woman was really hard."

"It feels isolating. It feels horrible... It feels like I don't belong."

"It's lonely, upsetting."

"There was a lot of underlying assumptions about other people because of what they looked like."

"It's so far from being a safe space that it almost feels like staying at home would be better for my mental health, for myself, than being in class."

"I'm in a room of 80 people, just sitting by myself, and everywhere I look, no one can help me, no one can jump in, no one can at least acknowledge what I'm saying has any truth."

If only this video had come out when I was business school, then maybe I wouldn't have felt so alone.