Sunday, October 01, 2006

I am still figuring out which gym to join.

I had quite the humorous experience at a Bally's today with one of my friends. Apparently, the sales managers there thought I should be at a comedy show since I was in a happy mood. Whatever. Maybe they should have their prices posted so we wouldn't have to go on a "tour" of the facilities while the managers questioned whether I was "serious about working out." Hello? I am standing in your gym asking how much a membership costs. Why don't you just give me that information, instead of asking if I want to join to "tone, firm up or lose weight?" And when I respond to your question by saying, "I want to go to the classes," don't keep asking me if I'm there to lose weight. Tell me about the classes! The friend that I went there with said we should open our gym. I told her, "but then we would have to run a gym." What's the point in that?

It didn't help the situation when my allergies started to act up, and there were no tissues in sight. All that money sucked from preying on people's vain desires to perfect their bodies, and they can't afford a strategically placed box of Kleenex. Argh!

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