Sunday, October 05, 2008

Incredible Restraint

This is how the debate actually went! Joe Biden behaved himself well, considering he was up against the offspring of Gomer Pyle and Jed Clampett. However, no gay marriage? Still? Really? Joe Biden and Barack Obama, your bigotry continues to astound me.



Catherine Avril Morris said...

I already knew Obama was for civil unions instead of gay marriage (one of the reasons I voted for Clinton instead of Obama in the primaries), but I was also disappointed to be re-confronted with that in the debate. And I don't get their reasoning. I've heard and read that it has something to do with "not redefining the meaning of marriage to religious groups." But the federal government legislates against other types of discrimination all the time, regardless of which religious groups' beliefs they may be going against. And I thought there was supposed to be that whole separation-of-church-and-state thing? I truly can't tell if the Obama/Biden stance -- that gay marriage should be legalized/outlawed at the state, not the federal, level -- is just them trying to be more centrist to appeal to right-wingers, or what. Whatever it is, I'm all kinds of against it. Still, I like a lot of other things about Obama, so I'll certainly be voting for him next month. Not that it matters, since I live here in red Texas, and I'll basically be tossing my vote down a hole.

Bianca Reagan said...

You won't be throwing your vote down a hole, Catherine. It is still important to vote. Thanks for your comment. I miss them. :|