Sunday, May 10, 2009

The children are our future,

including the future of our media: Wonder Where All The Assistants Were?, Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood.

Some observant comments:

Wow! Look at all the minorities! Why aren’t there any white male assistants? Someone really needs to do something about this, guess they just can’t find any. Oh wait, there’s one, there’s another, oh, the tint on my screen was on. The number of blacks in the oval office is equal to the number of blacks in this photo.

- Anonymous

We need one black one, an asian, a white one, a persian, filipino, ok one more white guy, uh, a latino, a light skinned brotha, move along people, leave no empty seats, women please take the back seats, we’re on a tight schedule…

- Roll call

Even Rockville CA is better than the fictional account of this industry subset: The Assistants. At least Josh Schwartz's characters have pigmentation in their eyes and hair, if not in their skin.


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