Sunday, December 06, 2009

Mayhem and Foolishness

I have been trying to find the clip from either Clean House or The Dish that shows one of the inappropriately funny scenes in this episode, but and YouTube are not working with me.

As you can see in the above clip, Niecy Nash, the regular host of Clean House has invited her crew to clean her own house and help her mother. During the process, cast member Mark Brunetz expresses that doing the show about Niecy's home may be difficult. When Mark and Niecy have to talk about furniture, the conversation takes an unexpectedly, shall we say "insensitive", possibly scripted, turn. Danielle Fishel then showed that scene on this week's episode of The Dish. Here is a transcript:

Danielle: Niecy Nash is used to powering through other people’s messes on Clean House right here on Style. But when her crew had to clean Niecy’s house, I think [Clean House cast member Matt Iseman] summed it up best.

Matt in clip: I believe we’re about to hear a whole lot of “mmm!”s.

Danielle: So obviously designer Mark has no problem communicating with Niecy, right?

Mark in clip: So I want you to pick a textile for the sofa.

Niecy in clip: I want, like, Booyah! brown. You got that?

Mark: Booyah brown?

Niecy: Well, because you’ve got to think about three kids and my mama, eating.

Mark: So, forgiving? So if you spill something like chitlins or something, you’re going to actually be able to clean it up.

Record scratch!

Niecy looks at the camera.

Mark: Is that what you mean?

That's racist!

Danielle went on to suggest other ways in which Mark could have made the situation more uncomfortable.

Danielle: Or maybe if you spill some fried chicken on it? Or hair relaxer? No? What I meant to say is that, a brown that goes with hip hop music, or maybe our President would like it. No? Tell me this: is it like a Tyler Perry movie? Is it a brown that doesn’t crack? What? Why are you making that record scratch noise?

Here is more fun time with Danielle and Niecy, and Star Jones:

Apparently, Kathy Griffin has already been with that young tender, but I doubt Levi Johnston has ever talked right or looked right.


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