Friday, March 05, 2010

"A freaking lesbian mintrel show."

That accurately describes this week's episode of Law & Order: SVU featuring Kathy Griffin as lesbian-turned-bisexual activist. I had been looking forward to seeing Kathy Griffin in something, to hold me over until My Life on the D-List returns to Bravo this summer. However, this was a hilarious disappointment. "P.C." was full of stereotypes, and portrayed lesbians as angry, loud, violent women, who hate bisexuals and can be turned by the love of a good man brandishing a tire iron.

For further discussion please see "Law & Order: SVU" mini-cap: "P.C.", by Hornito on

This episode was almost as bad as Wentworth Miller's appearance in the SVU season premiere last September:

Ha ha ha! "I am trying to help you here!" Oh, Wentworth.



Asian Americanist said...

"the love of a good man brandishing a tire iron."

That's not really fair, considering the actual context of the tire iron.

Bianca Reagan said...

But it's funny. :)

Asian Americanist said...

The greatness of SVU is directly related to how ridiculous it is. Wentworth Miller was great on it, and I wished he had stayed.

He's exactly the kind of forward-thinking detective they need in the Special Victims Unit.