Tuesday, July 06, 2010

"Hey, I'm just keeping it real, Tatum O'Neal."

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Steele Crazy After All These Years
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"Let's cook up some veal. I'm just kidding. It's an all vegan barbecue."

Oh, Michael Steele.


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PrettyAmiable said...

Steele on CNBC two (three?) weeks ago: drivel about Bush creating so many jobs. Obama sucks!

Erin on Squawkbox: For rizzle? *GOOGLE SKILLZ* -- Bush created 2 million jobs over 8 years; Clinton created over 20 million. Obama has been in office 18 months, essentially all of which have been during a recession or during the very beginning of an economic recovery. Bush began during a massive economic surplus, and didn't create a single job during his first administration.

I hate Steele with the fire of 1000 suns. I can't tell if he's stupid or intellectually dishonest.