Monday, April 25, 2011

I do enjoy the little boy eating the Pill, but

I do have two questions about Bridesmaids:

1. Why is this the only movie with an all-female cast coming out this year? I need more movies about platonic lady-friends.

2. How does Maya Rudolph's character have only white friends? Does producer Judd Apatow want to maintain his consistency of keeping any brown people from mucking up the screen? (Watch his movies, and tell me I'm wrong.) This whitewashing syndrome is not exclusive to Mr. Apatow's projects, but it is glaringly apparent in this movie. It's worse than when Rashida Jones's character in I Love You, Man had only white friends and conveniently had no family at all. (What, Quincy couldn't make an appearance?) Or when Jennifer Lopez had no family either in Monster-in-Law.

3. Why did I watch Monster-in-Law?.

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Anonymous said...

ok - so i LOVED Bridesmaids. I died. But you're totally right about the whitewashing. I live in a tiny town where the only WOC compatriot I have at work is in a different building 5 min away. I'm deep in SC, and my gfs are more diverse.

Meanwhile, Maya's character works in CHICAGO! With no black friends? wev.

But I still loved this movie. I want another one, with Mindy Kaling added to the cast.