Monday, January 09, 2012

"Hey, do you know a Tyrone Jenkins?"

I found this video while looking up stuff about this gentleman who was featured in this article.

The article was inspiring. The video was both highly amusing and depressing due to my ability to relate to it, because 1) I've been there, and 2) I'm still there! I remember dealing with the questions and statements featured in the video while I was in college. Over a decade later, I continue to hear the same inanity spewing from people who you'd think would know better.

Below are my attempts to the thoughts or questions posed in the video. If you have either asked or been asked any of these things, please share in the comments! And yes, I do have white friends who happen to be female. I also have white friends who happen to be male. I have multiple friends of various colors and genders. The asking of and being asked these questions is not exclusive territory for any of them.

Begin video now:

  • You do sound racist. Prefacing your racist statement does not eliminate the racism.
  • I don't need to hear about any of your racist relatives and/or friends. Telling me about how terrible they are doesn't make you look any better just because you are not like them.
  • There is plenty of White Entertainment Television. Switch your TV set to On. Turn to any channel. If you are in the United States, there is probably a white person on your screen. If there is not, wait five minutes and there will be. I myself partake of an unhealthy amount of White Entertainment Television on a daily basis. It is hilarious and/or compelling, depending on the genre.
  • I don't complain about slavery all the time: I try to sleep eight hours a day, and I also carve out moments in my schedule for meals. If your ancestors were slaves, though, I would like to hear about it. I appreciate the histories of all people.
  • Yes. No matter what 30 Rock tells you, it is bad to do blackface.
  • It is not okay for anyone to say the N word. Except Mark Twain.
  • I need more black friends, too.
  • No. No twinsies.
  • I have my own lotion, and plenty of it. I learned in Girl Scouts to "be prepared." Yes, I was a Brownie. No, that's not racist!
  • Stop saying ghetto! This makes me Hulk angry. More Lou Ferigno classic Hulk than contemporary Bana or Norton. I also enjoy Lou in The King of Queens. Funny!
  • I don't care what you think about "black guys." I didn't ask.
  • That does not look like me.
  • I didn't do anything to your computer. Stop being weird.
  • Take your stinking paws off me!
  • No, it's not all real. No. No.
  • That's how my hair grows. Don't hate.
  • I have actually heard the phrase "Brillo pad" used multiple times in reference to a black person's hair, in person. How is that okay to say?
  • Yes, that did hurt. Get your mitts off me!
  • Yes, we can. So can you.
  • Cheetos?
  • As I mentioned before, the only person I know named Tyrone is white.
  • I have never been "holler"ed at, but I have gotten "girlfriend" multiple times from the same two people, one lady and one gentleman. If either of you is reading this, welcome to my blog! And please stop calling me "girlfriend." It makes me embarrassed. For you.
  • He could "get" what? Herpes? What are you talking about?
  • You don't like rap? You're the one watching the Kanye video, buying the Jay-Z album, drinking Vitamin Water, wearing your FUBU hat, Sean John jacket and Apple Bottom jeans.
  • Oprah!
  • Stereotypical? Like Oprah?
  • Oh, but I am.
  • I have seen it! It's hit or miss. And racist.


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