Friday, July 28, 2006

Things on my mind today.

I would link to news articles or websites, but really. Be a better person than I am, and take the initiative to look them up yourselves. Google has been a verb for years now. Do it.

  • The ongoing occupation of Iraq. More US troops are being sent to the country. Many troops who are already there are being sent to Baghdad, as the death toll has remained steady at 100 people per day every day for the past five months. Additionally, almost any troops who previously had been promised to come home this year are now having their tours of duty extended indefinitely. Mission Accomplished indeed.
  • Israel vs. Hezbollah, and all of the unfortunate people caught in between.
  • My new blog! It's so awesome.
  • Gaming for girls. Why can't ladies get any love from the video game industry? I don't remember where I read this, or who said it, but, every guy who is willing and able a video platform already has. The industry has exhausted the male market, so only females--over 51% of the US population--are left. I wish more entertainment marketing people would listen to me. I have good ideas. :(
  • ICM buys BWCS. According to a Defamer rumor, the subsequent layoffs ALLEGEDLY occured via email. Klassy.
  • Why Moms are Weird. Apparently pamie's new book follows the travails of some chica named Benny. What happened to Anna K? I liked her. Harumph.
  • It's terribly hot outside, yet quite chilly indeed at my desk. If only I could transfer some of this excess conditioned-air to the people literally dying of heat stroke in hundreds in California. Then I can send my uneaten food to the starving people in China. And in Africa. And down the street.
  • When is Can't Get a Date coming back to VH1? I love that show. How many episodes of My Fair Brady must they thrust in my face till I get my dateless brethren back on my tv screen?
  • 30 Days is back. Better than ever? Well, I liked the first episode of the season: Immigration; but I will save my overall judgment for later.

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