Thursday, December 14, 2006

I Love The Office! You Should, Too.

Since my latest posts have been so heavy and thought-provoking and emotionally-draining for some (i.e. me), today I offer something light-hearted and fun:

Reasons I love The Office.

1. It's so funny.
2. Rashida hearts Jim.
3. Pam needs to say something to get Jim back. She burned him but good. But like in "Foreverwood," the last episode of Everwood (I'm still not over it, Dawn Ostroff!), where Amy waits outside of Ephram's apartment with the giant Ferris wheel, and Ephram's all, "I've always loved you, Amy"? Pam can do something big for Jim, and Jim will be all, "I've always loved you, Pam." But what about Rashida, Jim? What about Rashida?!


4. Stanley and Phyllis. Love. Them.
5. Ryan. Break up with Kelly already. But for real this time.
6. Angela. Because green is apparently a whory color. Who knew?
7. Dwight. He owns a beet farm. He thinks you can buy gaydar from Radio Shack. Finally, someone dorkier than I am.
8. Michael Scott. "Spamster."
9. Take Your Daughter To Work Day. Awesome. Ryan was so scared. Ha ha, Stanley was so funny.
10. Boys and Girls. "Do black people like pizza?"
11. The webisodes! So cute. When is Oscar coming back from his looong vacation? I miss him.
12. Creed staring that woman breastfeeding, then taking a picture of her boob. So inappropriate. So hilarious.
13. Kelly not knowing anything about Diwali, and Dwight knowing everything about Diwali. Perfect characterization about one of Dunder-Mifflin's "most ethnic employees."
14. Jan. Oh, Jan. So neurotic, so reluctantly in love with Michael.
15. Kevin's poor uncle Bernie, and Ryan's cousin Mufasa. Ha!
16. Michael, then Dwight kissing Oscar. Uncomfortable. I, like Ryan, had to look away.

I have many, many more. But chew on those for a while. I encourage you to suggest your own reasons for loving The Office as well.


Stephanie said...

Love The Office. Love your list. Especially #3. I'm not over it either!

Bianca Reagan said...

Thanks for your comment, stephanie! Are any of the Everwoodians on a new show yet?

Anonymous said...

Jim and Pam can't not get together, right?! At some point, they have to both acknowledge their feelings for each other at the same time... Please tell me this will happen at some point... PLEASE!!!

I worry b/c John keeps saying he likes how the writers are "keeping it real" and true to life... but i think at some point, in real life, the Jims and Pams of the world would get together if they feel this strongly!!!!!!!!

Bianca Reagan said...

Aw, anonymous. If this were real life, Michael would have been out on his keister, hooking to pay the mortgage on his condo by now. He's a good salesperson, but a terrible manager.

Back on topic, I see Jim and Pam together by May sweeps. Roy better stick around, though; he has grown on me.