Monday, February 19, 2007

What I'm Watching This Presidents' Day.

This morning I'm watching the Black Men Revealed marathon on TV One. "Why He Won't Go to Church" is on right now. Next up is "Head to Toe: Turn Ons and Turn Offs." Earlier I watched part of "Black Male Mythology" featuring Martin from The Cosby Show, who believes his straight marriage should be valued more than any gay or lesbian marriage. Hmph. Then, as I was rotating my laundry, I watched most of "When White is Right," with this fool named Ocean, who prefers dating white women because they're easy, and doesn't like dating black women because they won't put up with his crap. However he doesn't like when black women date white men because he doesn't like the image he has in his head of them having sex.

I'm liking the show, and I'm wondering why this type of conversation isn't being shown most other networks. Not just a show displaying coherent black men, but coherent people having rich discussions about cultural topics. I don't hear about anything like this on CNN or, god forbid, Fox News.

Also, I've been watching LOGO, now that it's part of my cable package. I revisited Can't Get A Date this weekend. Of course, LOGO only shows the gay and lesbian episodes, so I may never get to see the lost straight episodes since VH1 isn't showing it anymore. Harumph.

As I was perusing the LOGO website, I came across Laughing Matters More, "a reality-based romp with four of the hottest lesbian comics working today." Why Kathleen Madigan isn't involved, I don't know. But anyway. Why can't Comedy Central have more women comedians featured like this? Or even, different comedians in general? I do enjoy some Comedy Central, but much as I love reruns of Chappelle's Show, I don't need anymore regurgitated incarnations of Dane Cook or Carlos Mencia. They really need to change it up and diversify their product to keep up with the demographics of our American society. If Comedy Central is leaving me behind, (or is it the other way around?) then I know other people like me are looking for other entertainment outlets as well. And demanding that YouTube take down clips of Crank Yankers and The Daily Show is not going to take care of the problem.

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