Friday, April 20, 2007

I know what I'm talking about!

Look at this: Blog Love, by Dan Carlson, on

How cool am I? Very!

So far that's two unsolicited blog mentions, including one calling me "funny and smart." If I have any more, please someone let me know. I love being appreciated.


Catherine Avril Morris said...

Hey, that's cuz you are funny and smart! (And I've been keeping up w/ your blog since getting back from Mexico, btw... Always a very interesting and informative and yes, funny and smart read. Don't know why I haven't been commenting, though...haven't been commenting on anyone's lately! Or posting much on my own! Maybe my blogomania will come back soon. But in case it doesn't, hi for now and later too.)

Bianca Reagan said...

I love that the parentheses part took up most of the comment. Hi to you, too. And thanks for the compliments!