Monday, January 12, 2009

A bundle of contradictions

I like to encourage my friends, acquaintances and relative strangers to take classes at the gym like I do. Like Step, Kickboxing, Body Sculpting, Hip Hop, Yoga.

Yet when New Year's rolls around, the inner conflict begins. New people with clichéd resolutions to eat less and exercise more fill the studio to the bursting point. With so many people punching and kicking in such a small space, I often fear taking a Puma to the head. I resent all these fairweather athletes taking up room in my regular classes.

Then one by one, sometimes two at a time, these new people either get bored or frustrated by the complex and demanding combinations. So they leave. And I feel bad. I don't like when people feel discouraged. I want to tell them, "hang in there, kid."

However, once they leave, there is a lot room to move around. So.


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