Saturday, January 24, 2009

Snowmen (and snowwomen) are round and lovable.

They don't need the Special K challenge. So step off, kid.

That little girl needs to watch some Sarah Haskins before she starts dieting in five years.



angryyoungwoman said...

Oh, that commercial always pisses me off. I can just see the advertisers thinking, "let's dress a skinny chick in an ugly, shapeless coat and call her fat so all women feel insecure--then we'll sell more product." ANGER ANGER ANGER!!!!!

Peter said...

I want to see the version where the mom is black. And still compared to a snowman.

But, jeez. Usually these commercials show the after so they can use skinny people.

Bianca Reagan said...

Anger, indeed. I'm keeping my bland cereal business with Corn Flakes.