Saturday, February 14, 2009

Girls on Film

How come guys talk so much when they have nothing to say, and girls have plenty to say, but no-one will listen?

Where's Our Stand By Me?, by hortense, Jezebel.

I have always loved My Girl 2. It was set in LA, the city I was obsessed with as a teenager. It starred Austin O'Brien, who was no Macaulay Culkin, but still carried his own in the movie. And it had a self-possessed young female protagonist who made enlightened statements like this:

I don't think anybody should change their names [when they get married]. That way you can always find them when you need them.

Yet now, the supposedly clever, edgy girls we get in movies think that embryos have fingernails and when sparkly vampires tell you to stay away from them, they really like you.

So disappointing and sad. And by "sad", I mean horribly distasteful considering the exponential growth of the number of poverty-stricken people in the United States and across the world.



Stephanie said...

First off when they started making the movie Confessions we weren't in the crisis. You should remember you were with me when Sophie / Madeline announced it at her book signing (thank you for going w/ me btw). I think it is just unfortunate timing. But I do think many women actually suffer from "shopahlolism" or whatever.

The point of the movie is that she learns her spending is not good. And she can't afford what she is doing either.

Anyways~ I think I'm trying to stand up for the movie a little too much.

Peter said...

Crisis or not, it probably isn't the best message to push over-consumption. Of course, that's not the lesson of the movie I imagine.

Regardless, didn't girls have The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 1 and 2?

Bianca Reagan said...

I do remember Sophie / Madeline. However, the marketing campaign for the movie has now been going on for months, and I have not seen such shopping p0rn since the Sex and the City movie marketing campaign.

Girls did have the Pants movies, but they were marketed and received as fluffy, schmaltzy product for girls, and no boys need apply. Whereas movies like Stand by Me and The Outsiders and The Goonies were marketed and received as movies for everyone.

Peter said...

It's not my fault that boys do cool stuff like look for pirate treasure and fight Dracula and make friends with long-necked extraterrestrials, and girls apparently have magic pants.

Did tweener girls in the '80s ever do anything cool?

Bianca Reagan said...

They danced 'til dawn and had fun.

Peter said...

I think I saw that movie.