Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Somebody was in Emergency, Somebody just got out of Jail

I considered reserving judgment about this situation until more evidence was in. However, as I read through the comments on Defamer and Racialicious and Jezebel and other blogs, I thought of the West Wing episode that inspired the name of this post.

Rihanna had to be hospitalized due to her injuries, including a black eye as well as "a swollen split lip and two red and purple contusions on either side of her forehead." Chris Brown is free after posting bail, with no reported injuries. Unless Rihanna fell out of Chris's car during a high speed chase, rolled down a hill and waved her fingers at a hungry animal, I don't know what other evidence is necessary to determine that something very wrong happened early Sunday morning.

I never downloaded or purchased any Chris Brown songs, so I don't have any to delete or destroy.



Peter said...

I don't think many are letting this slide. I heard the DA wants a tight case for this to go forward.

And bail is more about keeping a guy in town than the severity of the crime in most cases, so, there is that too.

That said, apparently Soulja Boy and T.I. voiced their support for Chris Brown. Kanye West, on the other hand, is not down with domestic abuse.

Oh, and per that comment from so long ago, I actually do have a blog.

Stephanie said...

I saw a picture of her. She was messed up! I had to take down my Chris Brown song on my MySpace page. Good thing I hadn't spent money to download it.