Sunday, January 21, 2007

He Can Always Work at Dunder-Mifflin.

Did y'all catch Kevin Reilly on last week's episode of The Office? Yes, the sometimes delusional President of NBC Entertainment had a three-second cameo at the beginning of "The Return" as Dwight's potential employer. I wasn't sure it was Mr. Reilly at first. But Defamer confirmed it for me. He's pretty darn cute, for a older gentleman. And I'm two degrees of separation away from him. Sweet! Kevin is my latest "wishes-he-were-a-celebrity" crush. Because network presidents are only tabloid-worthy if you can find them on The Sunset Strip. No matter how cool Jeff Zucker thinks he is 'cause he knows Kirstie Alley.

Even if the constant breaking rumors turn out to be true at some confirmed point in the near future, I'm sure Kevin will land on his feet. If nothing else, his golden parachute and his big pile of money will help cushion his fall.

Oh yeah. Loved the rest of the episode, too. "I liked you better as the temp." "Me too." You're lucky you're still around, BJ.


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