Sunday, January 28, 2007

Rock This Town? No, Degrassi, Nooo!

If you watched the latest episode of Degrassi: The New Generation on Friday, then you might be as traumatized as I am. I thought I'd be cool with JT dying. Hello, it's Degrassi: It goes there. What did you expect? But this? This was hard. Especially when we found out that not only is Liberty still in love with JT, but JT is still in love with her, too. Then it got all West Side Story, with "Tony!" "Maria!" "Tony! "Maria!" And right before JT could reach Liberty, some random guy stabs him. For no reason! Then Liberty rushes to his limp body, cradling her ex-baby-daddy in her arms, screaming for help.

I can't process this right now. This weekend has left me exhausted. I would talk about the reasons this episode has affected me so much, mainly because I identify with Liberty in the early seasons of Degrassi, when she was pursuing JT, but he just wanted to be friends with her. That was so me in eighth and ninth grade. Or, Grade 8 and Grade 9, as they say in Canadian.

If y'all watch Degrassi, or if you just like television shows involving average-looking teenagers going to school in America's attic (i.e. the Maple leaf country), please weigh in. Leave a comment, and we'll discuss my post-adolescent angst.

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Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh! Someone else that loves Degrassi. I just discovered it at the end of last season and caught up all summer long. Oh yes, I'm now a full fledge Degrassi addict. Love the comparison to West Side Story. I'm still sad that they went there. I totally thought it would be Toby since he's not in the opening credits. :(