Monday, January 08, 2007

It stands for Live, and Love, too.

The L Word, Season 4, premiered last night on Showtime. It wasn't until I was watching the preview on my OnDemand cable that I realized how much I missed this show. There is only one season a year, it lasts for about three months, and then, Boom, it's gone. So sad. I will enjoy it while it's still around. If you don't have Showtime, but want to keep up to date on Bette's baby-stealing antics, Helena's newfound poverty, Tina's return to "white heterosexual privilege," Jenny's incessant navel gazing, Kit's inability to escape her Foxy Brown past, and Alice's overall awesomeness (she is soooo funny), then take a gander at the recaps at Scribe Grrrl has a certain flair for recording the show's drama, humor and parade of "guest-bians" (tm Scribe Grrrl).

In other premium-cable-that-I-so-cannot-afford-but-have-anyway news, I am so psyched about Extras on HBO, starting this week! I would not shut up about this show in the car last night as I was riding around LA with my friends, helping them search for their dinner. I was telling them all about the upcoming Orlando Bloom episode, where he is possibly the only man in the world that Maggie doesn't fancy. But I'm more excited about the Daniel Radcliffe episode, because 1, I love the Harry Potter books and movies, and 2, he reminds me of a guy I had a crush on. Actually, he looks like multiple guys I had crushes on. They were older than him, of course. I'm feeling a little squicky now, because Mr. Radcliffe's not legal yet. Not in the U.S. anyway. I don't know how they roll in Britain, but I'm not down for checking out teenagers.

Onto free (if you have a TV) broadcast television, and away from people who turn 18 this July. The Office. Loved. It. How can last week's episode make me start rooting for Roy, while I snipe at Pam? That's the power of The Office. Pam's crying didn't touch me that deeply. Yeah, I would have sat with her and gave her a hug while she sniffled. But inside, I'd be like, Hello? You rejected Jim twice, missy. You didn't think he was going to move on? Well, he did, and he found someone who appreciates him. And if you want him back, Pam, then, in the words of Britney Spears, "why don't you do somethin'?"

Last, but not least: Oxygen's Campus Ladies. Because Joan, Barri, Paige, Abdul and "Mr. Drew" rock my world. With guest stars like Patton Oswalt, Megan Mullaly, Penny Marshall, Jason Alexander, Mo'Nique and Sean Hayes, how can you go wrong? And that's just Season 2.

Honorable mention: Jim Gaffigan in My Boys. Jim, you are working it. But that show needs help. Woof. Not so good. And Kyle Howard? Please ask for some more lines. You're adorable, but your character arc ended way too soon. You cannot peak in the second episode of a thirteen episode series. I mean, season. Yeah. That's right. Season. Who said "cancelled"?


Stephanie said...

Well you can't fault Pam for rejecting Jim at first. She was in a long term relationship with Roy and was engaged when she rejected Jim the first two times. But you are right if she wants him, she needs to do something.

And I love My Boys!! I think every episode kept getting better. You don't?

Bianca Reagan said...

I tend to relate more to Jim in the Office situation, since I have never been engaged to an insensitive boor, but I have been rejected by a coworker that I had a crush.

I don't love My Boys. I wish I could, but it's not good. I like the chemistry among the characters. But the baseball analogies are overbearing and unnecessary. The premise has potential, but needs more development. The plots are predictable, which ironically is my favorite part of Murder, She Wrote. And for no good reason that I can think of, my favorite aside from Jim Gaffigan's Andy, of course, is Johnny Galecki's Trouty. How did that happen?

Stephanie said...

Well I think the baseball analogies will probably go away eventually. They have to run out right? (hoping it does not get cancelled!!!) I love Trouty too... how did that happen?