Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not in my house,

not around my kids.

The Pink & Blue Project by JeongMee Yoon
, by Sarahh, Apartment Therapy.

. . . The Korean artist's ongoing photographic series explores the links between cultural preferences, gender socialization, and identity through the bedrooms and belongings of various little boys and girls.

The "Pink & Blue Project" overwhelmingly reminds us of how socially ingrained the two colors are with set genders. Looking at Yoon's photos makes us want to send something blue to our friend and family's little daughters and something pink to their sons . . .

This is why I give my nieces and nephews non-gender-specific gifts. This is also why I won't be telling my family and friends the genders of my future babies until they pop out, or arrive, in the case of the acquired ones. I will be raising my kids in the manner of the Fabulous Child named X. My children are going to love their socially-nonconformist mother. And by "love", I mean "be thoroughly embarrassed by".



Stephanie said...

My parents gave my nephews a kitchen which the inlaws were convinced was going to sway them towards their own gender. *huge eye roll*

I think kids should be able to get whatever they want within reason. Obviously Will Smith son shouldn't get a real car.

P.S. Merry Christmas!

Renee said...

I did this from the beginning with my two boys. Their nursery was a deep purple with white trim even though I knew they were boys. Today they are three and eight. Their rooms are painted red and yellow. I constantly tell them that there is no such thing as a boys toy or a girls toy and what is important is what they like. They have a kitchen set, my little ponies, trucks and cars and an easy bake oven. The most important thing to me is that they grow learning to appreciate things not because they have to but because they genuinely like it.

Bianca Reagan said...

I like My Little Ponies. Kitchen and trucks, not so much for me.