Wednesday, March 04, 2009

As a potential member

of the one in six, or possibly one in three, I present you with a Public Service Announcement:

There is no such thing as gray rape.

It doesn't matter if you have known a person for six years or for six minutes. As I have stated before, if you have sexual intercourse with someone without that person's consent, it is rape. It doesn't matter if the two of you have had sexual relations for months, or if you have never met before. It doesn't matter if you think you're a good person. Sex without consent is rape. In the words of a prolific comedian who has taken the time to hone his craft quite effectively over the years,

Whatever you’re doing is what you are, everybody. If you’re boozing, you’re an alcoholic. If you’re raping, you’re a rapist. Who cares what your core is?

For further clarification on this topic, please consult the following articles:

Call it what it is.
, and "Gray rape," cont'd..., both by Ann at Feministing.

Also, rape jokes are not funny. Ever. Those attempts at humor--anecdotes usually shared by men to amuse other men--sound a lot different to the ears of 50% of the population. Especially when that 50% is more likely to be attacked, simply because we were born female.



angryyoungwoman said...

I second this. Heartily.

Irwin Handleman said...

How about holocaust jokes? are they ever funny? or aids jokes? are you the one deciding? should all people attempting to be funny consult you first?

horrible shit usually makes for funny shit. get over yourself.

Bianca Reagan said...

Thanks, ayw.

Hi Irwin! I choose not to get over myself, because I am awesome.

Irwin Handleman said...

...and there lies your problem

Asian Americanist said...

As someone who has been the subject of rape jokes, yet not female, yes they can be funny.

Bianca Reagan said...

"As someone who has been the subject of rape jokes, yet not female, yes they can be funny."

No. Attend a few Take Back the Night walks, and then tell me if you think rape is still funny.

Asian Americanist said...

I never said rape was funny. I said rape jokes can be (I know unfunny people as well as funny people. A joke doesn't always work.)

Humor has always been a taste thing. What some people find funny will not be what everyone finds funny. And while it can reveal underlying truths about a person, it doesn't always.

Brian said...

Rape's not funny. Rape jokes can be funny: