Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm in LA this weekend. Why?

Ask Professor Foxy: Was I Assaulted?, by Professor Foxy, Feministing. Emphases mine.

. . . A few months ago me and a few friends went on a road trip. it was supposed to be a fun weekend at the beach etc etc, but something happened between me and a (now former) male friend that ruined it.

I never drink (can't control myself when i do), but this "friend" _always_ harassed me about it. He made me feel like i was no fun, or whatever, and just would not shut up about my not drinking. we ended up at a party and he badgered me all night about not drinking, so, i did. a lot.

i thought i was safe around my friends and that nothing could happen. big mistake . . .

Some things just aren't my bag, man. I hope everyone else stays safe. Because in a male-dominated, testosterone-fueled atmosphere, where the true name of the game is "fitting in at almost any cost", the story above is horrifically commonplace and underreported.


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Irwin Handleman said...

this type of thing has been on the rise ever since this country took away a woman's right to say "no thanks".