Sunday, August 09, 2009

Another chapter completed!

"Cake!" 19 more chapters to go. An excerpt:

If I had to choose between a burgeoning rock star whom I had spoken with for a total of less than ten minutes, and a Senator’s entry-level assistant whose light brown eyelashes had burned a permanent image in my brain . . . Someday I would learn to pick the hot, unstable guys over the adorkable, dependable ones. But that day was not today.



angryyoungwoman said...

Oh! Your character wants to date my little brother!

Bianca Reagan said...

If your little brother is of legal age, then maybe.

angryyoungwoman said...

He is, but he just barely got married, sadly. I'm so used to setting him up with people.

He used to be a senate page (under Larry Craig, actually--haha). A few years ago he worked in the parliament in Scotland. Now he works for the US department of defense. Your excerpt made me think of him because he's been in government since he was a teenager.