Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I thought I'd like Drop Dead Diva,

but it is no longer appealing to me. The obvious reason is that there is no one featured on the show who is darker than a brown paper bag. No, I'm generous. None of the main characters on the show is darker that a sugar cookie. That includes the only nonwhite main character, and the most famous actor on the show--Margaret Cho--who is relegated to being the assistant of the main character, Jane. It appears that the creators of Drop Dead Diva said to themselves, "we've got one character who is all subversive with her fatness, and one character who insists upon being Asian. Make sure that every other main character on the show is white, heterosexual, thin, American, predictable and conventionally attractive. This is Lifetime, people. We think we know what the audience wants, and we keep giving it to them."

Aside from the lack of diversity, I am disappointed that the show is uninspired. Most of the characters are either shallow or lack depth, which are two different things. Regarding the depth, two of the supporting characters do not seem well thought out by the writers. Regarding the shallow, four of the characters select their potential mates based mainly on their appearance. This is despite the fact that the premise of Drop Dead Diva is supposed to be about a young, thin girl trapped in an older, fat woman's body to teach her a lesson about being a better person. But even her guardian angel Fred, whom I adored in the pilot, has now fallen in love with and stalked a woman solely based on her societally acceptable appearance. A woman who has no discernible source of income, nor a desire to get a job.

Ergo, not watching the show anymore.

Surprisingly though, on the Fox Reality Channel, I do like Househusbands of Hollywood. The first episode got funny at the end, when that one husband was so proud of the man cave he had created in his garage, and then his wife drove her car inside, almost running over his five friends.

You can watch the trailer here:

I don't know what all the pixelation is for. Yes, that is Ron Johnson and Vanessa Huxtable. No, I didn't know they were together until I heard about the show. They don't have any kids, so I don't know why he doesn't have a job. Well, aside from being a Househusband on TV.



Anonymous said...

what? Vanessa and Ron Johnson? why did I not know this??? (I can totally see them together,'s kinda cool.)

I have to go check and see if I have this channel!

EKSwitaj said...

Yeah, I watched the pilot for Drop Dead Diva and was really disappointed. I argued for it not being feminist at Sirens Magazine (note that I cut the length down to about a fifth of the original size before publishing).