Thursday, May 10, 2007

Exciting Day for Me!

This afternoon I called into my local "progressive" radio because the Host on the air at the time was bugging me. He and his producer were talking to some guy from The Hollywood Reporter about the Chris Albrecht situation. I got my information on HBO's removing the chairman and CEO via Defamer, so you can, too. The "progressive" talk show Host couldn't understand why HBO would fire Albrecht after 22 years with the company. He didn't think that Albrecht's pattern of alleged assault, both in his personal life and at work, was a valid reason to remove him from his position. Maybe it wasn't valid to the Host because the people Albrecht allegedly had beaten were his girlfriends. And domestic violence isn't a cause for concern in the workplace. Now where have I heard that before...?

After yelling at my car radio, I called in and asked the Host, "Why are you defending an assaulter?" He said he wasn't, because Albrecht was never convicted of anything, so why was HBO firing him? I suggested that after the news of HBO's 1991 payoff came out right after the most recent Las Vegas incident, HBO didn't want anymore drama. The Host asked the Hollywood Reporter guy if that was true. The Hollywood Reporter implied that it was a possibility.

Endeavor's Ari Emanuel weighs in on the situation at The Huffington Post (via Defamer), calling his "friend" Albrecht, "an alcoholic who fell off the wagon and made a terrible mistake."

I've made mistakes, too. But somehow I've made it through life without shoving or choking my associates, regardless of my intoxication level.

So far, the arguments I've heard defending Albrecht go like this: "Who cares if he beats women? He brought us The Sopranos. The Sopranos!"

Yeah, dude also brought us Tourgasm and Lucky Louie. And it's not like Chris Albrecht is helping children with cancer. There is no justification for keeping an obviously disturbed person employed at your company, especially in such a visible position. There are plenty of other television executives in Hollywood who can bring us the next Sex and the City, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Entourage.

But no more Dane Cook. Please.

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