Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunshine and Overcast Drizzle

The raininess: I took my first practice full-length GMAT in my room today. It was so hard. I kept freezing on the work problems and the reading comprehension. I almost didn't finish the Quantitative section. I think I did okay on the Analytical Writing Assessment, which I only recently discovered doesn't count in your Total GMAT score. I have four weeks until the real exam, so I can do better. I am going to continue studying diligently. I need a hug.


Sunshine: I was reading The Argonaut last night for the first time in years, and I came across this article, Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is keynote speaker at West L.A. Democratic Club, by Helga Gendell. I should read this free newspaper more often. Here are some choice excerpts:

Kucinich said he wants to be a healing president, end the occupation of Iraq, and restate America's position in the world...

...On nuclear weapons, he said that it's not for the U.S. to pick who should or shouldn't have nuclear power, asking, 'Do we want the threat of extinction for our children and grandchildren?'

Kucinich advocates getting rid of all nuclear weapons, referring to the non-proliferation treaty that provides for all nuclear weapons to be abolished.

On abortion, Kucinich said that the ruling on partial-birth abortion by the Supreme Court 'was very destructive, and that Roe v. Wade has to be protected to protect women's rights to privacy and the right to decide, working with their doctor.'

America needs a culture that affirms life and heals, providing for pre-natal and post-natal care, a living wage, economic opportunities and giving people the right to make choices, he said.

Regarding immigration, Kucinich said, 'It's a great shame that slave labor is allowed to exist and that system needs to be stopped.'

'No fines should be paid (by immigrants), no one should be made to go back, and we should stop scapegoating immigrants,' said Kucinich...

...The education system is becoming dangerous, creating a two-class society, and education has become a privilege rather than a right, said Kucinich.

On the subject of student loans and tuition, the question is always, 'Where will we get the money?' said Kucinich.

No one asked, 'Where will we get the money when we went to war in Iraq and borrowed money from China to fight,' Kucinich said.

And my favorite part:

Another audience member asked if the candidate is still supporting a 'Department of Peace' to look at society's issues ' domestic violence with spousal and child abuse, school violence, gangs, guns, racial violence, anti-gay violence and police clashes with citizens ' and Kucinich said he had proposed a bill and that 62 members of Congress already support the idea.
I don't understand why all the mainstream coverage mocks Dennis Kucinich as a funny-looking kook with crazy ideas. He's no John Edwards, but he does have valid facts and opinions to add to the political discourse. I don't fully understand why NOW is endorsing Senator Clinton when Senator Clinton still hasn't apologized for essentially authorizing the illegal occupation of Iraq. Peace is good for women. War is not. I hate that I had to get informed about a two-time Presidential candidate by accidentally reading an article in the middle of my local newspaper. I should be getting this on my TV, front and center.

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