Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gilmore Girls: I Shake My Fist at You!

Doesn't Zach have two kids to raise? Why is he going on some drunken tour without his family? Why is Lane raising their children by herself? Has Zach ever met Kwan and Steve? If Lane had to become "so mature" since she became a mother, shouldn't Zach, the twins supposed father, be mature at all? Could this show get any more regressive?

Lauren Graham, I'm glad you're a producer now, but that "I Will Always Love You" was a big honking anvil to my head. We get it. We're not stupid. Respect your audience.

Waah, waah, waah, Rory doesn't have her perfect job yet. Like I care. Join the Overeducated and Underemployed club, kid.

I'm hoping Logan gets on that slow boat to China. Or to San Francisco/Palo Alto. Wherever. I wouldn't mind him pulling a Chad Michael Murray or a Jared Padalecki, as long as Czuchry gets a less loathsome character.

Where was Michel?


Stephanie said...
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chrissy said...

Yes the song was over the head, "Fernando" would have been a better choice, but I thought she made it perfectly awkward. Ha!