Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sex and the City turned me into Miranda.

Just like Daria turned me into Daria. And Will & Grace turned me into Will.

Except not. I was already uptight and introverted and meticulous, respectively, when I began watching those shows:

'Sex and the City' Fiend: Show Turned Me Into Samantha, by Sheila Marikar, ABC News via Yahoo! News.

. . . ["Lisa"] got hooked on "Sex and the City" when she was a 14-year-old growing up on Long Island, N.Y. It was the same year she lost her virginity. She soon graduated to ordering cosmopolitans at bars she snuck into and cheating on her boyfriend with up to seven other guys -- in one week. "When you're that age you try to emulate people on TV. Carrie smoked, so I smoked, Samantha looked at hooking up with random people as not a big deal, so that's what I did too," said Lisa, now 22. "It wasn't 'Sex and the City's' fault. I love the show, but I think it made it a little easier to justify my behavior." . . .

. . . Lisa left her "Samantha" ways behind at 19, when she moved to Utah, became a Mormon, married a man within the church and gave birth to two children. For the first year of her marriage, her husband forbade her to watch "Sex and the City" for fear that it would lure her back to her habits of sex, drugs and one-too-many cosmos . . .

I wish my husband would try to forbid me from watching a TV show. I doubt he would make it out the front door alive.

Some apropos comments followed:

For the love of God almighty who prints this crap?!?!?! ABC should be ashamed of itself, but like most corporate entities it's only ashamed when the ad dollars dry up. This is journalism. People dying due to fascist regimes in and out of our country and this is what you print? To hell with your news department ABC. I'm taking my business elsewhere.

- NightEmber79


So SATC wasn't around when I was 14 and I had sex. Who should I blame? LOL

- sarahthewitch

LOL indeed, sarah. LOL indeed.

Also, where does Ms. Marikar get off printing the line, "To be clear: "Sex and the City" can't be blamed for creating a generation of sluts." What self-respecting journalist, and woman, would make that kind of backwards, judgmental statement in a "news" article. Probably the same kind of writer that would include the quote, "It wasn't 'Sex and the City's' fault. I love the show, but I think it made it a little easier to justify my behavior.", and still choose the contradictory title, "'Sex and the City' made me have sex at 14".


In other "Oh, really?" news:

Boy band creator [Lou Pearlman of Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync and O-Town] sentenced to 25 years in prison, by Travis Reed, AP via Yahoo! News.

It's about time. [Update: Defamer, I re-reported this story first. Again. Yes, it might be my only post this week compared to your "27 POSTS IN THE LAST 24 HOURS", but no matter. Victory is mine!]


American to charge for 1st checked bag, cut flights, by David Koenig, AP via Yahoo! News.




Tobes said...

Sometimes I could swear you're lifting these articles from the Onion--- If only... if only....

Keep up the good work here. It makes me happy reading your blog.

angryyoungwoman said...

The Rocky Horror Picture Show turned me into Magenta. Ah, high school.

Bianca Reagan said...

I would imagine that its getting harder for The Onion to come up with ridiculous stories, with gas prices doubling in the past four years and a Presidential administration embracing torture while suspending habeas corpus.

I haven't seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show yet, but I have heard good things.

Lissette said...

Oh, Bianca, you must watch Rocky Horror Picture Show. Preferably in cheap lingerie with bad hair and bad make-up and with a group of people dressed the same. Makes for a fun night.

I think blaming a young womans sexuality on a show is pretty sad. If you're ready to have sex, than you're ready and you take the proper precautions, but to go off and say that I had sex because I wanted to be cool like Samantha is a lame reason and it's things like this that gives the overtly conservative right wingers reason to try and get rid of our pop culture.