Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why I blog:

1. The book. Hellooo. We've got product to move. Tell a friend!

2. I have something to say. I have a lot to say. Sometimes I even exhaust myself with my wit and charm.

3. I get to entertain and educate you readers. The mainstream media is sorely failing when my re-reporting is more informative than their news outlets. Which brings me to:

Exposed, by Emily Gould at The New York Times Magazine, with the subtitle, "What I gained — and lost — by writing about my intimate life online."

Almost anyone with a working blog has voiced their opinion on this 10-page(!) article. To sum it up, former Gawker/current Jezebel blogger Emily cheated on her live-in boyfriend Henry with her then-coworker Josh (author of the enlightening two-part article, How To Meet A Prostitute), who later wrote his own version of their subsequent break-up for Page Six Magazine. Then Emily spent 10 pages telling the NYT Magazine audience about her "oversharing" problem . . . by oversharing yet again.

I don't know what Emily learned from writing this piece for a formerly reputable news source. I know what I learned: if you're young, skinny, white, American and tattooed like Emily and Josh, you get to represent your entire generation in the mainstream media. Of course, the only people who believe that you actually represent anyone besides your navel-gazing selves are the out-of-touch editors who hired you in the first place.

The New York Times Magazine should have learned from the failure of NBC's quarterlife before exposing (hee hee) the world to Emily's article. Maybe they'll get a clue after slogging through the online version's 1121 (and counting) comments.

To clarify, I'm not suggesting that prominent magazines not feature bloggers. If The Advocate would like to reprint my letter to Lance Bass, you know where to reach me. But for reals, there are countless young, talented American shedding light on important issues like health care and social justice and corporate greed and human rights. I would prefer the definitive voice of my generation (in the eyes of The New York Times) be someone recognized for her political activism, rather than someone best known for getting harassed on CNN by Jimmy Kimmel.



Tobes said...

This needs to be on a shirt as well:

"Sometimes I exhaust myself with my wit and charm."

Samara Leigh said...

Well said, Bianca. LOL And Tobes, I would TOTALLY wear that T-shirt. :-)

Bianca Reagan said...

Oh goodness, another shirt to make. Thank you, tobes and samara leigh.