Friday, May 09, 2008

Somebody likes my book!

Actually, two somebodies do:

Hooray! Book review!, by angryyoungwoman at angryyoungwoman blog.

Steve the Penguin, by Tobes at Hear me Roar. That's her picture featured above. If any of you other readers have taken, or would like to take, similar photos of yourself reading the book, I would love to include them on the site. :)

Both ayw and Tobes expressed genuine excitement about being asked to write a review. I was simply thrilled that they said yes and actually posted them. So hooray for everyone involved!



MaybeMBA said...

X: A Fabulous Child's Story - a staple on my childhood bookshelf. Fun to read it again :)

Bianca Reagan said...

Super tiny baby picture! You and the little child have great taste.

Tobes said...

You should have seen my face as I scrolled down and saw MY face. I was very confused. Ahhh, the beauty of Monday before my cofee...

I really did LOVE your book. I am thinking of writing a follow up review with some of my favorite quotes.

Speaking of "crap on toast" -- did you come up with that on your own or is a movie quote. It sounds familiar? It also came in very handy last night when I caught the flu. :)

Bianca Reagan said...

I would love to hear your favorite quotes! I'm sorry to hear about your flu. The crap on toast comes from Michel on Gilmore Girls episode 2.03, "Red Light on the Wedding Night".