Monday, June 08, 2009

This man should be removed from his position.

"Date Rape is not Rape" ?!, by passtheERA, Feministing Community.

University of the Pacific Says Date Rape is Not Rape
, by Cara, The Curvature.

UOP responds to sexual assault lawsuit, by David Siders, Emphases mine.

A woman identified in court papers as Jane Doe claimed in a March lawsuit that two basketball players raped her at a May 2008 party at Townhouses, campus housing on Pershing Avenue, and that a third player came into the room where she was and assaulted her as the first two players were leaving.

Pacific spokesman Richard Rojo said Thursday that the school does not consider the incident to be a rape.

"We would call it date rape," he said.

Rojo said the university considers "outright rape" and date rape to be different, in that date rape does not involve "a rapist jumping out of bushes and attacking people randomly."

He said, "These are people who knew each other. ... It's a social situation and unfortunately an all-too common problem at universities.

"It doesn't make it right. It's a sexual assault, and that's why the university took action in this matter."

Doe said in her lawsuit that Pacific's handling of the matter was hostile, causing her to feel unwanted at Pacific. Doe, a freshman, left the school.

I wonder how Mr. Rojo would feel if he had attended a party with his university colleagues, and three men whom he knew brutally attacked him. I guess it would not be called "outright assault" since the situation did not involve someone "jumping out of bushes and attacking people randomly." No, it involved three men purposefully attacking a targeted victim. Since Mr. Rojo knew his assailants, and was therefore on a "date" with the three men, he should feel comforted because this was "a social situation and unfortunately an all-too common problem at universities." Getting assaulted at university parties happens all over the world, therefore Mr. Rojo should not feel too bad that it happened to him. He could simply leave the University of the Pacific, like the above Jane Doe did, and find another university with new colleagues that might not "outright" attack him.

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angryyoungwoman said...

Do you know where we can contact the school and comment on their treatment of this student?

Bianca Reagan said...

Here is the general contact info for the school:

University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211
phone: 209.946.2285

Here is the Marketing and University Communications:

Office of Marketing and University Communications
Hand Hall
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Voice: 209.946.2311
Fax: 209.946.3111

Here is Richard Rojo's contact info:

phone: 209.946.2746

Here is the contact info for Office of the Vice President for Student Life:

Elizabeth Griego, PhD
Vice President for Student Life
Location: Hand Hall, First Floor
Phone: 209.946.2365