Saturday, June 27, 2009

The wrong way to spend your money

For those of you who cannot view the video, a 26-year-old lawyer living in Manhattan calls into The Suze Orman Show during the "Can I Afford It?" segment. He would like to spend $35,000 to upgrade his wife's engagement ring from 1 carat to 3 carat, in order to "give the impression of success." He calls himself "pretty conservative about many things" but the ring is "an investment piece."

$35,000? On a diamond? He needs to buy himself some gold bars, like the one Hank received on the pilot episode of Royal Pains. This man has the same problem as public-school-Taylor from NYC Prep: spending money you don't have will not impress people who would never like you anyway.


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Anonymous said...

spending money you DO have isn't wroth it, either. the line that got me, was the part about it being "an investment piece". wtf?

so are you planning on selling it at some point? hmmmm.