Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two affluent men talking about abortion

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"Jon Stewart and Mike Huckabee talk about issues where they will never be the protagonist."

Readers, this is where the real change happens.

Also, at 2:28, you'll see that Mike Huckabee is worried that his children will send him to Shady Pines. If I were Mike Huckabee, I'd be worried, too.



SnowdropExplodes said...

The Stewart-Huckerbee debates (this one, and the gay marriage one) would be absolutely fascinating to see in their entirety, not just the clips they put together for the 10 minutes or so that they actually have for the chat show segment of the Daily Show.

Mr Stewart seems to be a really intelligent (or at least, well-informed) debater - why did he end up as a comic news show presenter?

UnFit said...

Hm. I saw that, too.
I would have expected a little more commentary?

Like, I found it troubling that Stuart, as the supposedly liberal part in this discussion, kept going on about how difficult an issue abortion was, how there were no easy decisions. That he let Huckabee babble on about frozen fetuses, which is complete bollocks in regards to IVF (and also reveals how litte he knows - or cares to acknowledge - about the actual facts) and how they cut it off right after Huckabee whining on about the poor women who now all regret their choice.

How hard is it, for a liberal, to say the simple words, "the woman's body, the woman's choice"?

Asian Americanist said...

Considering that Jon Stewart's position has always been that he's a comedian in a comedy program, which used to be fronted by a program about puppets making prank calls, I don't get why there's an assumption that he's supposed to be some hardcore journalist.

Or "the liberal" for that matter. Who's to say that a debate on the topic has to even be between a "conservative" and a "liberal." Especially considering he does say that he's somewhere in the middle of the sides. More so considering the last forty-five seconds or so of the extended interview.