Sunday, July 05, 2009

Excitement! But not too much, because it's Daria.

Excuse me? Daria finally coming to DVD, by Annie Wu, TV Squad.

Thank the late-90s gods for the existence of Daria and praise be to the supernatural entities responsible for DVDs. For the first time ever, Daria will be available on DVD.

We feared it couldn't be done, but it's going to happen! I can hear sour-faced now-20-somethings celebrating now. Yes, they're quiet, but they're definitely excited. Keep it cool, guys, keep it cool.

MTV will soon release another highly anticipated DVD set for their sketch comedy show, The State, and it looks like one of the first things DVD owners will see is an ad for a 2010 Daria release. even has a little screencap and everything.

Hooray! I hope the music from the episodes stays in. Darn licensing laws and poor planning keeping me from my entertainment.


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Chrissy said...

Oh yes, hopefully it will have the same music!

I also really want it to be a complete series set not a season set. But I will take what I can get :)