Friday, July 31, 2009

The only reason I would see Funny People:

The video above is Not Suitable for Work, or for children, or for anyone with sensitive sensibilities.

For some reason, Aziz Ansari/Raaaaaaaandy has not been visible in any of the posters, billboards, commercials or cardboard cutouts promoting Funny People. However, before the movie premiered, he was already "set to be [the] breakout star of 'Funny People'".

I guess Mr. Ansari doesn't quite fit in with the other funny people. More precisely, he does not fit in with the homogeneous image that the rest of the cast portrays to audience that the studio hopes to attract. Or maybe his role in the movie was not big enough to warrant mentioning him in any of the promotional material. But he is funny, too!



Irwin Handleman said...

actually, they did a half hour special/commercial for the movie on hbo, and he is in it more than anyone else. also, he is the subject of a bunch of promo shorts that are on funny or die and all over the internet - aka, their target audience.

please stop with your racist bullshit, especially when it involves complete fabrications. thank you.

Bianca Reagan said...

I didn't know about the special, and I don't have HBO. Though I have watched the promo shorts on Funny or Die and on Raaaaaaaandy's website. Thank you for the info. :)

Asian Americanist said...

His role actually is pretty small in the movie, even according to the MTV article that you linked to. Why would you jump to race to explain his placement, or lack thereof, in marketing material first?