Thursday, August 09, 2007

"What?! Interrobang?!"

From the comments section of "What's the matter, Boo-Boo, you photograph puffy?": My Boys, by Carrie on South Dakota Dark.

Bianca Reagan said...

Did anyone else think/hope that Brando brought Bobby to the party but didn't tell anyone because they were secretly dating each other? That is totally the vibe I was getting from them in the elevator, going up to their special hotel room, where they [would] give in to the love that dare not speak its name. I would have loooved to see that story play out.

"I'm phmished. Ampersand flummoxed."


Stephanie said...

You are hilarious!

Ummm over reading Catherine's blog and saw your Meg Cabot exchange. Dang it, you already gave away Boy Meets Girl???? I let a friend borrow it and have never gotten it back.

I read the end of Harry Potter today, because I finally got my book in the mail. I ordered it from Amazon about a week before it came out, so I shouldn't complain. Anyhoo, I didn't like the end. I found it predictable. That's saying something (I don't know what exactly) considering I didn't read the rest of the book. The hetero-normativeness, the lack of prominent nonwhite characters, and the over-representation of males in the Harry Potter universe has really gotten to me since Book 6 and Movie 5. I think I'd be able to overlook some of those pitfalls if the story were more original. But it's not. There is also an article I read somewhere on the interwebs that had similar complaints, though I can't remember where or how I found it. I'll figure it out.

I'm in shock that YOU ONLY READ THE ENDING?????? You call yourself a writer?????? You can't just read an ending that's like sacreligous or something. I so don't know if we can be friends anymore. :)

Bianca Reagan said...

Thank you!

I read Boy Meets Girl when it first came out in 2004. I gave it away two years later when my co-worker was collecting items to send to his friend in Iraq.

I don't call myself a writer, although other people do. I call myself a future media mogul. I used to read the end of the Bible in church. Revelations was the interesting part. I can find a new friend and I'll call her Stephanie, even if that isn't her name.

Stephanie said...

ha ha ha ha!!! You're a writer girl! :)