Tuesday, January 22, 2008

But I haven't gotten past Mr. Renfro yet

This is what greeted me on the Yahoo! front page this afternoon:

Heath Ledger found dead.

Shocked, I had to confirm this news with the most accurate source, Defamer:

Breaking: Heath Ledger is Dead. OMFG.

Then it was official.

In a twist of weirdness, this is the aforementioned episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent that I'm watching on USA right now. Ethan Embry is in the episode too. Score! Though he needs to do some cardio. Ethan's still okay, right?

FYI, I was going to put up the opening scene of 10 Things in which Allison Janney calls Heath "kangaroo boy." Then the bleacher scene appeared. I'm still welling up. :(


Stephanie said...
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Bianca Reagan said...

Oh em gee, we're psychic twins! :)

Catherine Avril Morris said...

I keep crying over Heath dying. It's weird. I thought he was a great actor, and hella hottt, but I wasn't obsessed with him or anything. Not like I once was with Benicio del Toro, for example. :) But I just keep crying over it. It seems so tragic. Especially the statements his family has released about their own feelings about it.

I gotta stop reading this stuff -- I'll never get any work done otherwise!

Bianca Reagan said...

catherine, what are you working on?