Sunday, January 27, 2008

Things I liked this week

Jokes that objectify women, by Matsu at media girl.

Let She Who Is Without Period Stains Throw The First Tampon, by Margaret Cho at The Huffington Post, via Feministing.

The Slut on Gossip Girl, by Jessica Wakeman at The Huffington Post, via Feministe.

Know Your Limit . . . For Rape?, by Cara at The Curvature, via Feministing.

Montana, nation's least-black state, confronts issues on MLK Day, by Rob Chaney at Billings Gazette, via Racialicious.

How would Chris Matthews sound if he talked to men like he talks to women?, by Hart Seely at Slate, via Feministing.

Also, I am now cross-posting my relevant musings at, so tell your friends in China!

Happy reading!

Update 1/28/2008 - I forgot this one:

That fragile male ego, by media girl at media girl. including privilege, a poem for men who don't understand what we mean when we say they have it, by D. A. Clarke.

. . . privilege is being
smiled at all day by nice helpful women, it is
the way you pass judgment on their appearance with magisterial authority,
the way you face a judge of your own sex in court and
are over-represented in Congress and are not strip searched for a traffic ticket
or used as a dart board by your friendly mechanic, privilege
is seeing your bearded face reflected through the history texts
not only of your high school days but all your life, not being
relegated to a paragraph
every other chapter, the way you occupy
entire volumes of poetry and more than your share of the couch unchallenged,
it is your mouthing smug, atrocious insults at women
who blink and change the subject -- politely -- privilege
is how seldom the rapist's name appears in the papers
and the way you smirk over your PLAYBOY . . .



Carrie said...

I see what Jessica Wakeman is saying about Gossip Girl to a certain extent...but I would have to disagree as a whole. It's as if her argument only takes into account the first few episodes, because the show has moved well on and past the Serena/Nate/Blair triangle and has focused on some great friendship moments between Blair and Serena. And using Chuck's misogynistic slurs doesn't give you much leverage in an argument, because I don't think the show is trying to pass off Chuck as a sympathetic character. (Yes, he had his "aw" moments when he showed his tender side with Blair, but overall he's been pretty beat up on by the writers.)

The problem with the word slut is that there is no equivalent "male" word to throw about. But why is calling a guy a slut sort of a compliment? That's the problem, right there.

But I do agree that Nate has been pretty much completely absolved of any wrongdoing in this situation, which is completely ridiculous. Nate sucks.

Bianca Reagan said...

Hmm, deep thoughts, carrie.