Monday, January 07, 2008

Last night on The L Word . . .

(The clip featured above is my favorite sequence from Season 4.)

How is it that Shane is completely self-destructive in every one of her relationships; Helena refuses to get herself out of jail by telling where she hid the money she stole from that scary gambler; Tina finally gave up men because she is fixated on Bette; a pushing-60 Phyllis thinks that she can do better than Joyce; yet Jenny is still the craziest person I have ever seen on TV? This includes the nutcases on every incarnation of the Law & Order franchise. And by "nutcases" I mean both "the police who investigate crime" and "the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders." Elliot and Olivia, I'm talking about you. Munch too. :)

If you missed the Season Five premiere, you can find the edited version here. For all the explicit behavior and conversation, you'll have to order Showtime from your cable provider.

Also, did y'all see the I Love New York 2 Reunion last night? "It" (scroll down to #4) is seriously giving Jenny a run for her money.

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