Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The New Black Donnellys

I'm watching quarterlife right now. To compare this piece of trash to My So-Called Life is heresy. This show isn't even October Road-quality. Instead of my Jake/Bryan, there's a Matt Dillon lookalike, an Anthony-Rapp-in-Rent lookalike, and a Sam Huntington lookalike. Because the producers couldn't afford the actual guy who played the third Caveman from the left.

Also, someone got their first Letter to the Editor printed! Yippee skippy! It was in response to this article: Dear Generation Y: stop the violence, by Kathryn Rose at The Penn.

Although why is the occupation listed as "student"? I told them about the book! Was "author" too much?



Stephanie said...
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Bianca Reagan said...

I'm saying that your boyfriend is a low-rent version of Sam Huntington, who plays a Caveman on ABC.

I have penciled the GREEK marathon in my appointment book.

Catherine Avril Morris said...

ohmygod I blogged about quarterlife today too!!! :)

Bianca Reagan said...

I know! I thought you had read my early morning post, so I didn't want to repeat my lack of enthusiasm for the show in your comments this afternoon.

Mommychicky said...

I watched all of 10 minutes of Quartelife and thought I was going to retch... I said to my DH "These people are supposed to be our siblings?" (who are almost 25 and 27 respectively). What 20-something guys says things "I know you think I'm shallow". Blech, dreck. Not even on the same planet as MSCL.

Bianca Reagan said...

Maybe it's in a perpendicular universe, mommychicky. And, welcome!