Thursday, June 19, 2008

I know times are tough, but

if you're shooting a video for my new favorite song, you should remember to budget for a set and wardrobe. Two chairs, a mattress and the back of a car does not make for a compelling comeback, Jesse. I'm not asking for late-90s era "Pop" or "Larger than Life". But even New Kids got to party on the beach with some extras.



Chrissy said...

From Stephanie: "He has more important things to deal with like how his cable isn't set up properly."

I know seriously I would rather just watch concert footage. It would be just as compelling.

feign-lucidity said...

Someone should also remind him that he is not Chris Brown.
Stick to what you know, and may be then someone will give you a budget.

Bianca Reagan said...

Chris Brown, hee hee! I haven't seen Jesse dancing yet, but I'd love to see that face-off. Jesse would get served, and it would be on.