Friday, June 20, 2008

Miranda was a racist, and Steve was an adulterer.

My review of Sex and the City: The Movie: Hated it.

I also hated the trailers that preceded it. They looked like they were sponsored by A Whiter America, or some such supremacist group who is in deep denial about the changing demographics of the U. S. Almost every person starring in every vaguely Sex and the City-related movie was some combination of young, thin, American, white, and blatantly hetero. Except for Australia's Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman, and an aboriginal child of indistinguishable gender who is somehow educated and saved by the aforementioned couple. As if Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman are the right people to teach this child the history of Australia. I'm pretty sure the colonization--i.e., the rape, pillaging, and destruction of the native peoples--will be left out.

I did like spending time with my friends before and after the movie. However, I am so tired and angry at the studios who continue to perpetuate the myth that people like me, like us, don't exist. Listen up, oppressive media conglomerates: We "ethnic" people are here, some of us are queer, get used to it.

Also, if I don't take back the loser that 1) cheated on me and could have infected me with HIV or some other STD, 2) told that he didn't think that I was the one, or 3) spent the past 10 years screwing me over and tipped the iceberg by leaving me at the altar . . . don't you dare imply that I am an unforgiving witch for not welcoming said loser back in my life with open arms. That was some lazy, insulting, dangerous writing, and I sincerely resent the producers of Sex and the City: The Movie for it.

That is all.



Catherine Avril Morris said...

Hi!! Long time no nothin! (Mea culpa...) Also, I done tagged you! Visit my blog to see, if you wanna... :)

Catherine Avril Morris said...

Oh, and duh. I SO agree w/ your assessment of the SATC movie. I never liked the show much, in part because of episodes like the one where Samantha? Is that the "sexy" one? She's kinda lonely and man-less, and she starts to fall for a charming waiter at a restaurant, who happens to be Middle Eastern...and then she snorts to her senses and realizes that, no matter how bad it gets, she never has to sink so low as to go for a waiter who's ALSO Middle Eastern. Whee! Racism and classism all rolled into one!

So I wasn't expecting much when I saw the movie, and it actually fell below my expectations. The way they treated each other was just awful; not just the men and women in their stupid, immature, even infantile relationships, but the women, who are supposedly best friends. I'd never treat my enemies like that, much less my buddies.

Chrissy said...

I did not like the movie either. They should have left the series alone. The finale worked, this movie did not. If they meant one of the themes of the movie to be about forgiveness well they mucked it up big time.

And the scene with Miranda finding an apartment was terrible and disgusting.

Deborah said...

I was so angry about the ending as well. It was absolutely unbelievable that Carrie would get back with Big after that- I was the only one in my group to be angry about it though.

Bianca Reagan said...

Good points all!

Aiden said...

If you want a movie that does cover the horrific side of Australian colonisation, check out The Proposition. I don't know if you can expect social realism from Baz Luhrmann.

Tobes said...

I agree with many of the points here but I still realy liked the movie. It's like "the Incredible hulk" but for women. Explosions (of the emotional variety I guess), pretty colors, cheap laughs -- that's all I wanted in a silly, summer flick.

I DID NOT get the jilted storyline. What did Big have to do piss Carrie off? Kill Miranda? CRAP!

Also the racism made me super uncomfortable. What was with that line, "A white guy with a baby, let's follow him!"?

However, there were parts that I really enjoyed in this movie. My mom reviewed it on her blog ( and she puts into words what we liked well.

This movie deserves a lot of the criticism it got but for whatever reason it made me happy. And I personally thought the realtionships between the women were wonderful. The way they took care of Carrie after the wedding (or lack thereof) and Carrie running across town to make sure Miranda wasn't alone.

Were they perfect? Hell no.

But I still like 'em.

Now we just need that Dirty girls social club movie to come out! The more of these girl movies the better, more well rounded they will be. We could use a massive shot of diversity in the cast as far as race, physical appearance and class goes.