Monday, June 16, 2008

Note to New Kids:

Hiring anorexic 19-year-olds to gyrate on you when you're pushing 40 doesn't make you look younger. It makes you look like the skeevy old guys that you are. Yeah, I saw that E! True Hollywood Story. "If you're coming up, you have to put out." Ew. Considering the amount of putting out the Kids did in the late 80s, there's a good chance one of the models in the video could be their illegitimate daughter. Ew squared.

Talk about not knowing your audience. Who are Donnie, Danny, Joey, Jordan and Jon (the shy one!) trying to horrify/impress with that display? Most of their fans are women over 25. And most of their male fans are gay (according to cursory research). Do they really think that young straight guys are going to watch "Summertime", see the models, and say, "Sign me up for some New Kids on the Block tickets. That's the right stuff. Baby!"

BT-dubs, this is my favorite NKOTB song. It's from the Free Willy 2 soundtrack, appearing right after Michael Jackson's "Will You Be There?". Speaking of Free Willy, whatever happened to Jason James Richter? He seems to still be alive, so that's good.



angryyoungwoman said...

When I was a kid I HATED NKOTB--and my friends loved them. We got in some serious fights. I never thought I'd have to face the horror again.

Samara Leigh said...

I was surprised to hear that NKOTB was doing a reunion tour. How about the silhouette posing, I mean dancing, in the video? Why didn't I think of that?

Hey, is it too early for them to be having a middle-age crisis?

ifelicious said...

This is such a weird coinkydink, but I'm literally watching the video for this song on VH1 as I clicked the link to your blog.

I was a few years too old for the New Kids on the Block fanatacism of the 80s (not too many...just a few). I did, however, work at a job outside Boston in the same department that Ben interned while attendng Brandeis. I never said anything to him. He was just there like any other intern. That was in '95 and their glory had since faded.

I'm kinda diggin' their summertime song, but I won't be racing to ticketmaster for concert tix.